Properly written contracts can help make a construction project succeed. Disputes and major issues can be avoided if all parties agree on, follow, and deliver everything that is in the contract agreement.

Specialist contract lawyers of Contracts Specialist can review, draft, negotiate, and enforce construction contracts for you.

What is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract is the written agreement signed by homeowners, builders, contractors and other tradespeople. It outlines the terms and conditions of the agreement, the rights of each party, the amount to be paid, start date of the construction project, and the date when it is expected to be done

Why are construction contracts important?

  • the Home Building Act requires it

  • it protects the rights of both the owners and contractors

  • it makes sure that the owner’s plans and conditions are laid out carefully

  • it makes sure that owners and contractors alike are working towards the same direction and the same goal

Contract Specialist understands the importance of construction contracts. Our specialist construction law firm can assist you with contract negotiation, drafting, and contract review.

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What type of Contract do you need?

We can help you with the following construction contracts suitable for your project.

Home Building Contract

Contracts Specialist drafts and reviews residential building contracts. We are experienced with NSW building contracts and know when to use them and what you should include in them. 

Commercial Contract

We can explain the common issues regarding commercial and construction management contracts. If you encounter any issues, we can negotiate with the other parties on your behalf.

Subcontract Agreement

We can help you review or craft subcontract agreements, as well as other standard construction contracts, to ensure that they will have your best interest in mind.

Lump Sum Contract

Contracts Specialists can help you determine if a Lump Sum contract will be beneficial to you, and we can also advice you on what provisions you can include.

Cost Plus Contract

We can advice on what type of construction contract will be most beneficial to you and your company.

Contracts Specialist can help you with Construction Contracts

Our Sydney-based construction law  firm has over 10 years of experience dealing with construction law issues. We can advice and assist you with your construction contracts needs.

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